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Womb (D/HU/F 2010)                    



Womb is a dark romantic drama that tells a futuristic story about love, fate and humanity's old dream to overcome death.

The sudden, tragic death of her lover throws Rebecca's life completely off track. A normal existence is unthinkable without the love of her life. But Rebecca doesn't give up. Then modern modern medicine ultimately discloses a dangerous way to fulfill her dream. Rebecca decides to pursue this path - without being able to predict the consequences.


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Scriptwriter and Director Benedek Fliegauf  
Camera Peter Szatmari  
Sound Arno Wilms  
Production Design Erwin Prib  
Costumes Mariano Tufano  
Editing Xavier Box, Patricia Rommel  
Line Producer Peter Hermann  
1st AD Scott Kirby, Margarete Heitmüller  
Producer Gerhard Meixner, Roman Paul  
Principal Cast Eva Green  
  Matt Smith  
Production Companies Razor Film Produktion GmbH, Berlin  
  Inforg Studio, Budapest  
Filming Locations Schleswig-Holstein & Berlin  
Shooting Period Februar - April 2009  
Format 35 mm / 1:2,35 / ca. 100 min.