aWay!  (D/CZ 2001)           



MATTHIAS (16) accidentally travels to the Czech Republic: a deserted train station, a dreary restaurant and IVA (25) - trying to escape from her boyfriend.

The film is the story of their journey and how they experience a transition both geographical and emotional. A road movie and almost a love story...


The Countess
Women Without Men
Nothing but Ghosts
Trip to Asia
La Fine del Mare
Paradise Now
Jena Paradies
Silent Waters

Director Michael Baumann  
Camera Volker Gerling  
Sound Dominik Rätz, Christian Riegel  
Production Design Jörg Prinz  
Costumes Viola Völk  
Editing Flo Köhler  
Production Manager Peter Hermann  
Unit / Location Manager Carli Hameder  
Producer Helge Albers  
Principal Cast Jonas Jägermeeyr  
  Labina Mitevska  
Production Companies Flying Moon Filmproduktion, Berlin  
  Dawson Productions, Praha  
  ZDF, Das kleine Fernsehspiel  
  HFF "Konrad Wolf", Potsdam-Babelsberg  
Filming Locations Saxony, Brandenburg, Berlin, Czech Republic  
Shooting Period summer/autumn 2000  
Format 35 mm / 1:1,85 / 82 min.  

MATTHIAS (16) prefers to spend his time in the bathtub, apart from that - he's bored to death. Same thing at his brother's wedding party... When his father starts talking rubbish, he runs away. By some strange and unfortunate coincidence he ends up in a small deserted train station - in a foreign country... In the dreary station restaurant Matthias gets involved in a fight: the beautiful waitress IVA (25) is fed up with her boyfriend. On the spur of the moment she decides to take Matthias with her to Berlin. She carries him - literally - away: in a stolen car and with deafening music - 'her' music. Soon it turns out that the quiet and shy Matthias is not much good to Iva. He sticks hard on her heels, for he's quite clumsy and awkward by himself, but they are not really getting any nearer to Berlin. Matthias is nabbed by a conductor when hiding underneath the seats of a train and is thrown out... Terminus! He betrays Iva to the conductor, just to be able to travel on with her - without success! Iva doesn't want to have anything to do with him anymore as she suspects he has fallen in love with her. Iva wants to travel on by herself.
Matthias is disappointed and gives up. He calls his father to come and pick him up at the train station. Iva is also there, waiting for a lift. It's raining cats and dogs and the only car around is the one belonging to Matthias' father. This is how it happens: father, son and the strange girl in the same car. Matthias is dying of embarrassment, especially because his dad starts showing him up.

Iva sides surprisingly with Matthias and eventually is thrown out at the next gas station. To go back home or travel on? Matthias chooses the adventure and hitchhikes on with Iva. Shortly after that, Matthias defends himself for the first time: he strikes back impetuously at the mean insinuations from two party chicks. Iva is baffled. Even though they both get kicked out of the car again, Iva is highly amused by the boy.

Their mutual approaches are suddenly interrupted as Iva's boyfriend turns up and wants to take her back. Matthias runs to help Iva and unfortunately knocks her boyfriend down. They run away again... Iva seems more and more exhausted and breaks down in despair. Whereas Matthias gets more and more self-confident, it becomes clear that Iva's spontaneous nature is there only to protect herself from her own aimlessness. She has long since finished with the dream of Berlin.

At a flooded gravel pit they eventually become closer. It's raining, and in a shelter, some kind of innocent but unsuccessful love play begins. The next morning Iva is gone. Forever. Where she lay - a farewell gift: her music tape. Matthias returns to Berlin, exhausted and dejected, but full of new experiences, and with 'her' music...

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